We are an ANKC/Dogs QLD registered breeder located on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. We have three stunning fawn/cream girls & a cheeky black boy which are loved by us and the whole local community.

Our Frenchies are at the beach most days, can swim, tread water, enjoy skateboarding, and absolutely love surfing –  can even get deep into the barrel and hang ten. Our Frenchie girls have appeared in advertising campaigns, celebrity photoshoots, fashion advertisements, and are quite famous here in our home town on the Sunshine Coast where we can be found at the local coffee shops and restaurants most mornings.

We have a thorough health tested breeding program choosing only the best DNA tested sires and providing the healthiest breeding environment and procedures possible.

Our Frenchies are truly loved like family. There are no cages, pens, kennels or sheds. They live in a beachside home with us on a large 1000 sqm metre block, and play & excercise with the neighbourhood kids, friends, locals, and visitors, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

We have various coloured puppies incl a variety of shades of fawn, and one of the very few breeders in Australia that produce the stunning ‘true’ cream.

Having small litters usually between 4-6 puppies, we would never ever be able to supply the literally hundreds of people seeking to buy our puppies each month. Having found other local like-minded hobby breeders in Australia that we know and trust, we have also invited them to post their available puppy litters and information on our website and social media pages, for the many loving families that miss out on our own pups.

A strong supporter for both the RSPCA, Oscars Law, and Pedigree Dogs Exposed, we are an active campaigner against puppy farms,  inbreeding/line-breeding and the general out-dated, old fashioned and out-of-touch thinking of show dog breeders and French Bulldog clubs, with overwhelming public support of 30,000 members on our Facebook page.

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ANKC Registered breeder CCCQ Ltd Dogs Queensland Member No.4100193349
QLD Govt Registered Dog Breeder: Breeder Supply Number BIN0000299481704

You can find us on Facebook or contact us directly by phone or email. And you can meet our French girls – click here