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Buying a Frenchie for the first time, for me anyway, seemed to be such a challenging task. When I had decided to buy a Frenchie it was the era of waiting lists. I was on a dozen waiting lists and two years later still no puppy. Just by chance, a breeder had just had a cancellation, not the colour of my choice, but hey my young daughter was growing up fast so I didn’t want to wait any longer. In the car, 4 hour drive, picked up that puppy! And so my adventure began. A few years later, and I now have 4! More to that story later.

I am not a vet, or a biologist. Just a very passionate and excited Frenchie owner.

But, after years of research, discussions, reading, study, and personally visiting & meeting hundreds of breeders & vets, I really wish I had the knowedge & information I know today way back when searching for my first puppy. Perhaps it can help you.

All the information I’ve posted is based on science & fact. Its not bits and pieces overheard from a breeder, or from Facebook comments, and no I didn’t just hear it from the butcher.

The posts are all based on publications & personal discussions with medically trained and qualified vets, canine surgeons, bioligists, published scientific data, and RSPCA publications.

I hope all the good, bad, and very very very ugly experiences I had endured over the years dealing with breeders and the French Bulldog world in general provide you with the helpul information, tools and resources in buying the right puppy.

And when you do, find that right puppy, it will be the beginning of your great adventure! It may be the best thing you ever do!

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