** UPDATE: May 2017 – Lulu had a litter of 6 beautiful little puppies! 3 creams, 2 brindle, and 1 black (?). More info below.

Photos from the vet, puppies just moments old. Born April 30th, QLD.

NOTE: Our Missy and Bonnie also had litters – click here

Finding Lulu

After deciding we wanted a French Bulldog, it was this beautiful cream colour that we dreamt of. At the time, there were less than a handful of True Creams in Australia. Although quite common in USA, breeders here just didnt produce them. They would pop up occassionaly, but finding one proved to be a very difficult.

This was at a time when Frenchie puppies in general were hard to find, usually accepting a two year waiting list regardless of breeder. But we waited, and waited, and waited.

Two years had past and on several waiting lists, my little daughter was two years older and we still had not pet. I really wanted her to grow up with the puppy, so I hit the phones again. By chance, a breeder just had a cancellation – it was a brindle boy, not a cream girl we dreamt about, but hey, its an available Frenchie puppy so we jumped in the car, drove four hours, and boom! We had our first Frenchie in the family. And he is just perfect! We only ever wanted one pet, but, thats another story.

I was searching the nation, our little boy puppy gave us so much happiness we were determined to find him a playmate. I was still on a dozen waiting lists with breeders that ‘might’ have a cream, on every Facebook group, on posting across social media but it seemed like a hopeless dream. And then….

We received a message. Not one, but about 20. Everyone seemed to know I wanted this rare non-existant cream colour, that when one finally popped up people were messaging me from all over the country. This was it! A perfect cream puppy, and was a single puppy litter. The breeder was very cautious in interviewing potential homes and after a lengthy series of phone calls, this puppy was to be ours. Well, it was. Unfortunately, not all puppies make it. Its quite common for litters of single puppies, but its also possible to lose puppies especially in that first 4 weeks. Its  a sad and inconvenient truth, nature has its ways. And this little puppy just didnt make it. We had already set up its own fan page, puppy toys, puppy clothes etc etc, and then, there was this very sad, sad, day…


Two more years later, and two Frenchies later, we finally received that call. “Your puppy is here. We had a litter of creams, you have pick of litter”. This is from one of those waiting lists, four years ago!

I had no intention of buying another Frenchie, but hey, we all loved to play with puppies right? So off we went, just for a day trip for a fun puppy playdate.

We arrive, and there was this perfect, beautiful, creamy baby, with pink collar, with those puppy eyes. Of course, my daughter just hugged, kissed this puppy the whole time, and I had zero chance of leaving this place without this puppy. Boom! And then there was three.



Life with Lulu 

Lulu is whats called a True Cream. In that rare litter of 7, only 2 were that perfect maskless solid cream colour. Remember this was a 4 year wait, and to get a True Cream, with good nostrils, and great body structure was like winning a lottery! She is absolutely stunning.

Lulu being so unique, so cream, and just so beautiful, she became quite the puppy supermodel. Appearing in fashion catalogues, with celebrities and lingerie photoshoots.

Lulu has all the trademark features of a Frenchie. Super social, great with kids, comical, but she also has unusual skills. She absolutely loves the surf – since a puppy she goes straight into the waves, deep ocean swimming, and then loves a good sunbake. Absolutely no fear. She’s a total French beach baby!


This is Lulu about 50m from shore, swimming after me on the paddle boards. She can tread water and helps herself back to the deep end and back to shore.

This fearless attitude continues into the night. Living by the Noosa National Park we often get wandering wildlife into our block and Lulu seems so have some kind of passion for chasing Brush Turkeys, butcher birds, and long snakes. Our other Frenchies couldnt care less, but Lulu has become quite the guard dog. NOT for humans though, if a thief came she’d probably lick him.

Lulu is about 2kg bigger than Bonnie and Missy. She weighs in the same as a male adult at around 12kg. So although she is still much smaller than many of the 15-20kg Frenchies I see out there, she is not the short stocky size of Bonnie or Missy. This may be the reason she’s a triathlete swimmer and runner, and can leap up onto the BBQ table. She has natural great open nares, no snorting, and by far the most athletic of our Frenchies.

PS: Lulu loves cardboard boxes.


So, this is pregnant mama Lulu, our much loved cream French Bulldog girl. This was Christmas 2015 when she was due with her very first litter.

May 2017 – Lulu had a litter of 6 beautiful little puppies! 2 cream girls, 1 cream boy, 1 brindle girl, 1 brindle boy, and 1 very dark (nearly black) brindle boy.


This reverse/tiger brindle male below is the sire. He is genetically beautiful which is why we chose him specifically. This sire carries not one of the hereditary diseases on DNA check, he’s one of the very small minority in Australia that is totally clear. And carries the cream genes and its why he is one of the most sort studs in QLD, and perfect DNA match for Lulu.

Here’s a photo of the 2 cream girls and 1 cream boy, just two days old..



A very dark (nearly jet black) brindle boy, with a splash of white on his chest. You can see the difference in coat colour when next to his brindle brother.

21st May – 3 weeks old

Cream girl

Cream girl


cream boy

Brindle boy

Brindle girl


Black brindle boy



NOTE: Our Missy and Bonnie also had litters – click here

Purchasing our puppies / Pricing

We commence selling/taking deposits at 4 weeks of age when they reach a safe stage. Families pickup their new puppy when they reach 8-9 weeks old. Please keep in close contact with us as there is an overwhelming public interest in our puppies and they will all sell within a few hours.

New pet owners will receive ANKC pet purebred pedigree papers, incl 6 weeks free insurance with Petplan, puppy contract & health guarantee. Our prices for these stunning puppies:


$8K cream girls (2)
$7K cream boy (1)
$4K brindle boy (1)
$5K brindle girl (1)
$5K dark/black brindle boy (1)

For information on how to buy our puppies click here.

More photos soon 😉