The Cream Dream

It took 4 years to find cream Lulu, and a further year to find Bonnie, this beautiful cream Frenchie. Bonnie was my third girl and I was extra specific with all this extra experience and knowledge over time. It had to be a puppy that wasn’t affected by any diseases, a cream, and with good nostrils that could breathe. Alot harder than you think. Regardless of colour, I estimate nearly 90% of frenchies have stenotic nares, completely pinched shut. Its weird because the breed standard states that stenotic flares is a fault and should not be on the main register, and yet I see ‘champions’ and ribbons to all these doggies that have zero nasal opening. Really not champions at all.

I passed 16 puppies until I finally found Bonnie, perfect nose, stunning cream, and perfect size. I dont like the bigger sized Frenchies that hit the 15-18kg mark. Bonnie is beautifully shaped, such a chilled friendly and social personality, and around 10kg as per the breed standard. This is Bonnie as a puppy:

Finding a suitable sire was just as hard. Trying to locate a cream with good nares, and a clear DNA test (ie not carrying any of the DNA detectable diseases) proved to be nearly impossible. When I finally found that breeder who said they had a cream, and was clear, we were in the car from Sunshine Coast and all the way to Sydney for the mating ceremony!

The careful planning for health and the cream colour has paid off. Bonnie is just over 2 years old and this is her first litter. Five beautiful cream puppies. Its early stages, but those puppy nares look good.  Some photos at various ages. Born March 22, 2017 (For more info about the difference between Creams, Whites and Fawns, click here).

At 4 weeks

At 6 weeks old – at the vet for vaccinations, microchipping and worming, and one just has his little ears pop up!

At 7 weeks old, photos taken on Mothers Day. Puppies ears are nearly all up. We’ve had to watermark all the photos as scammers worldwide were using our pictures in fake adverts.


This is our mama cream, Bonnie

This is papa cream from Sydney breeder

Day of mating, Bonnie on left:


Purchasing our puppies / Pricing

We commence selling/taking deposits at 4 weeks of age when they reach a safe stage. Families pickup their new puppy when they reach 8-9 weeks old. Please keep in close contact with us as there is an overwhelming public interest in our puppies and they will all sell within a few hours.

With ANKC pet pedigree papers, our prices (to approved buyers/homes) for these stunning cream puppies: POA

For info to buy & secure a puppy please click here.

*** UPDATE All Bonnie’s puppies sold on the day. Next litter is Lulu who is a true cream girl expecting in April 2017, and Missy also expecting in May 2017 who is a stunning apricot fawn girl that can produce cream puppies ***

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