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We have two amazing litters! Lulu had a litter born on boxing day with 8 beautiful cream puppies. 4 boys 4 girls, looks like a mix of True Creams and Fawn Creams.

Missy had a litter of 4 puppies on New Years Eve, looks like 1 true cream boy, Fawn cream boy, 1/2 mask Fawn boy (really unusual silver fawn colour), and a dark 1/2 mask Fawn Sable girl. I think both fawns will turn out like mum, a rich apricot fawn with the half mask.

These puppies would be ready for new homes around mid to late February 2018.

These are a DNA tested breeding program, true free range, beach loving, family pet purebred French Bulldogs. I won’t claim to be the best breeder in Australia, but I honestly dont know anyone better. Click here for info on how to purchase our puppies. We will post regular photos and pedigree information, DNA reports, and sire details asap.

We havent determined pricing. Please note: There is overwhelming demand for the puppies we breed, so keep in close contact with us up to the day they are available for purchase. Thank you.

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Lulu’s Litter born 26/12/2017

Missy’s litter born 31/12/2017

Here’s a few pics of our previous litters of our stunning cream baby polar bears!


UPDATE Jan 9, 2018  Puppies will be available for sale from Thursday Jan 11, 2018, 10AM QLD time. Tel 0416727272.

We have some new photos of our baby polar bears. I have taken photos from all  angles of each puppy – these pics are straight from the camera without any colour enhancing so you can see the actual creamy coat. Some appear pure cream, and likely be True Creams (5) and the others are verrrrry slightly darker cream, correctly called a Fawn Cream (5), but still very creamy. And there’s two fawns that will likely turn out like their mum, a half-masked apricot fawn. As they mature their coats can change very very slightly, lighter or darker but very close to what they are now. Pics below, the kids make up the names 🙂

Lulu’s litter – photos taken today.

MARTY – boy – orange collar

BIFF – boy – blue collar

GEORGE – boy – tan collar

DOC – boy – light green collar

NELLYBELLE – girl – orange collar



TOOTSIE – girl – tan collar

CHA CHA – girl – green collar

DISCO – girl – blue collar


Missy’s litter

PEACHES – Girl – pink collar

WOODY – Boy – green collar  **Pink background but he’s a boy!**


BUZZ – Boy – red collar

REXY – Boy – black collar


The Sire

OK, so he’s official and registered pedigree name is…. Mr Gigolo.

I specifically chose Mr G with his disease free DNA, ANKC Pedigree papers, his compact size (ie correct French Bulldog weight) and his verrrrrry chilled character.

Note: Light coloured dogs of any breed will show tear stains if not treated. They are completely harmless, but if you want a perfect fur colour without the tear stains you can purchase a solution at any Petbarn and requires daily wiping to keep the fur that cream colour between the face folds.