** Sydney Buyers **

Our very own little pied litter. Meet Princess Bunny Luv!

AND She has this beautiful heart pattern on her coat!! She’s so gorgeous!

Princess Bunny Luv will be 8 weeks and ready to go to her new home next week, approx May 14.

Both her parents are stocky smaller sized adults. Mum is about 10kg and dad is 8-9kg so we are guessing puppy will be same. Note: These are purebred French Bulldogs. Both parents are beautiful stocky healthy Frenchies with excellent breeding history. No history of allergies ever in both parents. We’ve seen a few other small sized Frenchies that look skeletal, like gollum, and apparently purebred. They dont look good! No, this puppy is not that! Will be a ball of stocky muscle, just smaller than the text book size of 11kg and much smaller than the 15-20kg massive Frenchies we see at the cafes.

Located in Vineyard, NW Sydney. Pickup only, NO courier/interstate delivery.

Loving Pet homes only. NO BREEDING – pet enquiries only pls.

✔️ Vet checked
✔️ DNA tested breeding – clear of disease
✔️ $4500 ONO
✔️ Purebred French Bulldog ANKC pedigree certificate
✔️Vaccinations/worming up to date
✔️ Microchipped
✔️ Pet only – no breeding allowed
✔️ Pickup from Sydney/Hills district only – no couriers/no jetpets
✔️ Proper ANKC Registered breeder!

If you are interested in this puppy to join your family please hit the SEND MESSAGE button above at top of our page, not the comments section, and lets start the conversation. 20% deposit required to secure puppy and balance at pickup.

If you have just started looking at French Bulldogs please do research before contacting us, make sure this is the right breed for you – good info here http://frenchbulldogsaustralia.com.au/french-bulldog-puppy-buyers-guide-australia/ and see the puppy buyers guide.

*** NOTE *** Please DO NOT SUPPORT unregistered breeders. ANKC (ie Dogs QLD, Dogs NSW, Dogs Vic etc) is the only official registry in Australia. Local council, and state governments do not recognise any other newly formed or self created dog “registry”. There is no valid reason for anyone breeding puppies to be unregistered! If you buy a dog from an unregistered breeder (ie not with ANKC) your council fees for pet ownership is higher & very expensive; can affect your insurance premium and any claims; and you could be supporting a world of unregistered and unscrupulous animal breeding. The state government has also stepped in late last year. All dog transfers (that means any dog that has been sold, gifted, transferred, even for free) MUST be reported to the government now if you are not a registered ANKC breeder. This is just phase one of the state government cracking down on puppy farms and non-registered breeder activity concerning the welfare of both puppies and breeding adults. They’re cracking down. 👍 Again, ONLY the ANKC is recognised by government, council, insurance etc. Dont support unregistered breeders – the problem isnt them, its the people who buy and support them! *** ***