** Update: Our stunning apricot fawn girl Missy gave birth to 5 beautiful little puppies. 2 creams, 1 dark black brindle and 2 brindles. Born May 2, 2017, QLD. More info below.

NOTE: Our Lulu and Bonnie also had litters – click here

Missy is the crowd favourite. A beautiful apricot fawn, weighing around 11kg, she has that much desired short stocky & plumpy body. She twerks, swims, and duck dives, and whether she’s walking, cuddling, or just chillin, Missy just loves staring at you with those totally in-love puppy eyes! When not body surfing, Missy is quite happy to be sipping her puppycino & French kissing her fan club all morning at all the local cafes. The best Frenchie I have ever met. AND, an amazing mama with her puppies.

The kids favourite, the fan favourtie, my favourite!


Finding Missy

We already had our first Frenchie, a male brindle called Vader. We had recently moved to a newly built house and I was actively involved with our daughters 1st year in school. Poor vader, who was very accustomed to being with us 24/7 was suddenly having alot of alone time. We could see how saddened he was every time we left the house. So, the idea was to try and find a breeder and ask if, during the off season, we could ‘mind’ one of their breeding frenchies and give it an incredible loving life with us in Noosa.

And.. We did. One of the breeders we previously met when on waiting list was just lovely. With some convincing and re-assurance, this amazing lady (who is one of the nicest people I know) was kind enough to trust and ‘lend’ us a Frenchie. This Frenchie was still young and had a long wait before any breeding program. She was from champion bloodlines etc and really did look like the best shaped showdog puppy we had seen. And then, the personality – as above, the best Frenchie Ive ever met! And I’ve meet hundreds, and hundreds!

And then there were two

We brought Missy home, and Vader never looked so happy. Frenchies in pairs works very well.They did everything together. Eat, sleep, cuddle, play, everything was tandem.

Fun fact:  For all you readers looking for your first Frenchie, there’s a high probability you will end up owning two.


Time flew. And yes, Missy was about 2 years old, and time for her return. Our minding period was over. Well, that DID NOT go down well when trying to explain to my young daughter. There were tears, there was trauma, it wasn’t good. There was simply no way we could give her up, so, we contact the breeder..

Anyway, a long long story cut short, (and remember the part where I mentioned this breeder was one of the nicest people I know), we end up owning Missy! One of the best things we have ever done!


Missy was not a natural swimmer. Our other Frenchies could all swim first go. Missy actually sank to the bottom like a hippo and started walking around on the ocean floor. BUT, after several visits into the water she started to get the hang of it and now absolutely loves getting into the breaking waves and swimming in the deep water.


Below: When Vader injured his leg he had to be isolated and restricted from moving. Missy just waited all day next to the gate, occasional licks & nose rubs through the iron bars. Sorry, no conjugal visits!

Here’s photos from her very first litter in 2016.


UPDATE: May 2017 Litter of 5 gorgeous puppies.

During maternity the mamas fur becomes lighter and loses colour. After the litter her coat will return to that richer apricot colour. Pictured below with her litter just 2 hours old.

This reverse/tiger brindle male below is the sire. He is genetically beautiful which is why we chose him specifically. This sire carries not one of the hereditary diseases on DNA check, he’s one of the very small minority in Australia that is totally clear which why he is one of the most sort studs in QLD, and perfect DNA match for Missy.

Both Missy and this sire carry the DNA genes for the cream colour, and when mxing two carriers the theory is 50% of puppies will be cream. 2 out of 5, pretty close.

This stunning little Cream puppy. There is 1 cream boy and 1 cream girl.


1 brindle girl, just two hours old. Her coat is very dark, the brindle is very minimal so she is dark. It looks like a chocolate colour.

2 brindle boys below.

21st May – 3 weeks old

Cream boy

Cream girl

Brindle Boy


Brindle Boy


Brindle girl (her coat looks like a warm chocolate)

NOTE: Our Lulu and Bonnie also had litters – click here

Purchasing our puppies / Pricing

We commence selling/taking deposits at 4 weeks of age when they reach a safe stage. Families pickup their new puppy when they reach 8-9 weeks old. Please keep in close contact with us as there is an overwhelming public interest in our puppies and they will all sell within a few hours.

New pet owners will receive ANKC pet purebred pedigree papers, incl 6 weeks free insurance with Petplan, puppy contract & health guarantee. Our prices for these stunning puppies:

$8K cream girl
$7K cream boy
$4K brindle boys (2)
$5K dark brindle girl

For information on how to buy our puppies click here.

More pictures and info soon 🙂